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For fashion brands and their influential fashion fans

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Connecting fashion brands to their
influential fashion fans


 Let’s-Colabb is an exclusive fashion influencer platform, where talented content creators connect and collaborate with epic up and coming fashion brands. Our talented community receive the latest products from our range of brands and create unique, amazing pieces of content that their followers love.


 Connect and collaborate
with fashion brands
you love


Our Brands


 What brand would you love to Colabb with?


 The Process


Let’s-Colabb for brands:

  1. Add and manage the products that you want to be showcased to our community of influencers.

  2. Receive collaboration requests from our influencers that love your products and brand.

  3. Review their creative plan, view their previous work and collaborate with the influencers that best suit your brand.

  4. Sit back and watch as your products are brought to life.
    View your most influential Colabbs and reuse your favourite content.


Let’s-Colabb for Creators

  1. Explore the range and request to collaborate with the brands you love.

  2. Follow the brief and create content you know your follows will love

  3. Showcase your unique style in posts to your Instagram, featuring your new products.

  4. Build your social profile and presence.
    Gain feedback from the brands you work with and expand your creativity.


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